Accident Benefits

We are available for task assignments for Accident Benefits statements. We will make first contact to obtain injury information and establish entitlement to benefits. Our detailed statements include the following:

  • Coverage, (WSIB opportunities, Applicable Exclusions, Optional Benefits)
  • Priority
  • Accident details – (SIU referral, surveillance recommended)
  • Details with respect to injuries, low impact, information with respect to treating health practitioners
  • Questions with respect to the treatment received due to the accident
  • Questions with respect to disability as a result of the accident
  • Identify eligibility and entitlement to all Statutory Accident Benefits (Election of Benefits)
    • Confirm if there are any collateral benefits available
    • Details of prior injuries or disabilities
    • Identification of Loss Transfer
    • Identification of Passenger Hazard and Bodily Injury Claims
    • Field investigations

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